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When it comes to healthcare, people want to know they’ll be genuinely cared for in their time of need. As Australia’s largest not-for-profit health fund, our members are at the heart of everything we do. 

With the rising numbers of fraud cases across Australia, we’re committed to keeping your personal information safe.

What is health insurance fraud

Health insurance fraud is wide-ranging and includes:  

  • identity fraud in setting up or taking over a membership
  • claiming for treatments or services that haven’t been provided 
  • supplying false information or documents or altering details on receipts or invoices 
  • sharing health insurance membership with others
  • receiving cash for unused benefits
  • misuse of provider numbers to claim benefits.

Claiming for treatment or services that haven’t been provided, providing false information and falsifying documents are all examples of health insurance fraud. 

Visit the Australian Cyber Security Centre for news and alerts, and information on how to stay secure online. The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner also publishes helpful information on identity fraud.

What we do about it

We have robust 24/7 monitoring, threat detection and intelligence measures in place.

We monitor member accounts continuously for unusual activity to protect you and your personal information.

What can you do

To help protect yourself and HCF against fraud:

  • never leave your HCF membership card with anyone, even a provider
  • always check the details on your receipt, especially when claiming directly with the service provider
  • regularly check your claims history in online member services
  • use a strong password to log in to online member services and update it regularly
  • be aware of phishing and spoofing scams, and know that we’ll never ask you for your password, or personal information (without verifying your identity first)
  • report any suspicious behaviour or irregularities to our team.

Remember, HCF will never contact you and ask for your password or personal information without verification. If you’ve noticed any suspicious activity or communications from HCF, please report it immediately to our Fraud Response Team. You can also refer to Scamwatch for news, alerts and help about scams.

Check your claims history

How to report fraud

We appreciate your help in combating fraud. Our team protects the identity of anyone who provides information. If you choose to remain anonymous, we’ll respect that too.

Phone: 1800 727 721 


If you think you’re a victim of identity fraud or any type of health insurance fraud, please email

Reporting Fraud

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