How to choosean excess

Once you’ve selected your hospital cover, you’ll need to nominate an excess. 

  • The excess is your contribution to your hospital treatment
  • You can choose from set excess amounts
  • Your choice of excess will affect your premium

When you take out HCF hospital cover you’ll be asked to choose an excess. This is the amount you agree to pay if you’re admitted to hospital for planned treatment.

A higher excess will reduce your premium. A lower excess means you’ll pay less if you make a claim, but your premium will be higher.

If you choose our highest level of cover, you’ll have the extra flexibility of a no-excess option – again, this will be reflected in your premium.

When you’re not required to pay an excess

You only pay one excess per person (per calendar year) if you claim on your hospital cover. Subsequent claims won’t incur another payment.

You won't have to pay an excess for any accident-related treatment or for any dependant kids aged under 25 on your policy.

For more information, visit an HCF branch or call 13 13 34.

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